Tuesday, July 26, 2016
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This temple was built by Shah Kundan Lal and Shah Phundan Lal. The (two brothers) were residents of Lucknow (Oudh). They made a registered trust in favor of the Deity i.e. Sri Thakur Radha Raman ji Maharaj in the year 1866. The construction of the temple started during the year 1860 and it took eight long years to get the construction work completed.

Importance of Braj Raj
In the right verandah the portraits of the founders and their family have been carved on the floor. The portraits thus inscribed reflect the purity of their mind and the saintly character in a vividly live manner. The idea of putting their pictures on the floor instead of the wall is an explicit mark of their saintliness. In Braj dham the Raj (sand) is held in the highest sanctity and glory. It is believed that the fortunate ones who merge in the holy sand after leaving their mortal remains achieve the blessed seat known as the Goloka or the land of bliss. The portraits of the founders on the floor instead of on the wall meaningfully indicate that they would constantly receive Braj Raj as the saints and devotees pass over them on the floor barefooted to have darshan of Lord Shriji

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